Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians, I created a piece that follows the same dimensional guidelines but suited to 2021. The piece’s purpose was to illustrate commentary on media, with the primary message questioning what truth means in our digital age. What is the true intent of the man with the fiddle? How about the man with the guitar? Why is the lady on the right emotionally drained? The truth of these questions is often masked or distorted by the man behind the phone. Complacency often refers to being “stuck in time”, and this is where the truth lies within our digital age. Stuck in time. To really understand the truth is understanding character, timeline, intent, and action; oftentimes twisted or altered by the man behind the camera.


Digital Download: $20

Poster: TBD

Designed using Procreate on iPad. Available in digital format or physical posters, sizes vary. January 2021.