“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to happiness. If you love what you’re doing, you will be successful”

– Albert Einstein

Photography & Film

Since 2015, I’ve been interested in capturing riveting shots of nature & moments via my Cannon DSLR and iPhone X. A lot of my work can be seen on my Instagram. In January of 2020, I had the opportunity to be apart of a documentary shot in Manilla, the Philippines about the life and struggles of Overseas Foreign Workers. (Insert URL) I have made other short videos & teasers of my bouldering & surfing, which can be found on my Instagram.


Since a boy, my grandfather has taught me the ins and outs of managing & maintaining a healthy garden. I have successfully grown watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, thyme, rosemary, raspberries, strawberries, bell peppers, and aloe. I also have a passion for managing bonsai, and currently maintaining an 12-year-old Jade Bonsai.


As a hobby and training for bouldering, I’ve been practicing slackline for the past 7 months and can diligently balance across from end to end. I use slackline as a form of meditation, core & lower leg strength, and discipline in the form of habit.


I first learned to golf in 2012 from my grandfather & ever since, I’ve been chipping away at improving my swing & mental fortitude on the course. I’ve played around the San Francisco Bay Area and around Orange County since then. I find golf a great opportunity to network, improve mental strength, and pass time. I don’t yet have a handicap, but love improving my game, exploring new and difficult courses, and playing alongside individuals who uphold etiquette and the desire to have fun.

Board Sports

Since I could walk I’ve had an overwhelming fascination with board sports. I’ve tried everything from surfing, to windsurfing, to skating, to snow-skating, to snowboarding. I possess my CA windsurfing license, skateboard in streets or parks to pass time, enjoy wake surfing, snowboard or snow-skate during the winter, and surf in the summer.


I enjoy fishing both freshwater & saltwater, yet have spent most of my time in freshwater. I enjoy surf fishing in Newport and around San Luis Obispo and finding small rivers and lakes around Central California. I think fishing is a beautiful activity because it allows one the opportunity to put be in the imagination of a fish, whilst being silent and connecting to the solitude of nature. My goal is to experience more tight lines & learn the mastery of freshwater fly fishing. Species caught: rockfish, sculpin, sunfish, sea bass, largemouth bass (3.8 lbs), smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, rainbow trout (4lbs), leopard shark (7lbs), bat ray, catfish (11 lbs).


Since I can remember, my grandfather has been in the woodshop teaching me everything he knows about the craft. I have learned how to build tables, desks, boxes, hidden compartment stowaways, and wood sculptures in my short 18 years of woodworking. I am diligent with a hand chisel, electric chisel, and most woodshop tools and appliances.

Travel & Discovery

I highly enjoy documenting my travels & experiencing discovering new places. Whether it is a solo surf trip, a family trip, a film opportunity, or vacation, I love traveling to new places & getting out of my cultural comfort zone. My top future destinations are South Africa, Japan, Spain, Chile, Australia, and Canada. Locations traveled: 24 States across the US, Portugal, Costa Rica, Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom, Indonesia.

Martial Arts

I studied Brazilian Jui Jitsu for two years under Gracie family gyms in the SF Bay Area along with other striking practices such as Muay Thai and Taekwondo. I continue to stretch and hit the bag at least twice a week at my local climbing gyms. I think Martial arts is a very important activity for self-confidence, discipline, and a great exercise for the whole body, specifically the core, legs, and shoulders. If taught right, it gives the individual the self-image to dissolve conflict before getting physical, because once one knows their capabilities, the ego can step aside and violence becomes the last resort.


I very much enjoy shooting when I have the option, but only when done practicing safety precautions with individuals who are responsible and understand the importance of gun safety. I most enjoy shooting my .308 Winchester Rifle and .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson in the woods or at an outdoor range. I find projectile weapons fascinating due to their engineering and specifically quality craftsmanship and a fun hobby to practice repetition and performance.