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Creative innovation, collaborative leadership, design orientation, outdoor enthusiast. These are four statements that best describe me, Sebastian de Arantes Oliveira. I am currently a senior at Chapman University planning to graduate in May, studying Strategic Corporate Communication with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. My passions fall within understanding a mission, analyzing the moving functions, and best communicating the vision and direction internally and externally. 
As a college student, I have had near three years of internship experience working with early-stage startups, absorbing an understanding of internal operations, and familiarizing myself with communications strategy. I’ve enjoyed studying project management firsthand, ensuring the organization’s roadmap runs smoothly between stakeholders from start to finish. My ultimate career dream is to manage highly detailed projects working with cross-collaborative teams to ensure deadlines, quality, and costs are met to my client’s needs. To get there, I strive to broaden my portfolio by working with early-stage ventures, securing quantifiable results around successful projects, and adding value to a brand’s internal & external messaging. 
I pride myself on my oscillating head-up and head-down work ethic and eagerness to push myself by any means necessary. I am eager to get my hands dirty and work as hard as I can to see myself grow parallel with the organization I am working alongside. 

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